Scouting for Food

Scouting for Food is a national BSA food drive to help fill local food pantries. Scouting for Food takes place during two consecutive Saturdays in November. On the first Saturday of the event, scouts will drop off food collection bags at homes throughout neighborhoods. The following Saturday, scouts will return to those homes to pick-up the bags of food. See the Events Page for dates, locations and times for the current year’s Scouting for Food event. Scouts are required to wear their Class “A” uniforms for this event.

Good Turn Events

Scouts of all ages are invited to participate in the Memorial Day Good Turn at Jefferson Barracks and Baue. These events are held on or near Memorial Day. Scouts place flags at military personnel's headstones and pay tribute with flag ceremonies.

Adopt a Trail Cleanup

Scouts and their families are invited to join us four times a year at Woodlands Sports Park to clean up our area! Check the page for dates and sign ups!