Pinewood Derby

2024 Pinewood Derby


1. The Pinewood Derby Kit

Derby kits will be available to purchase for $5. The pack will have kits at the November, December, and January pack meetings. Be sure to attend. If you are unable to attend these meetings please contact the pack. Additional kits for siblings, alumni, or outlaw division races (more on this below) are available to purchase for $7. 


2. Building your Car

For new parents who have not built a car before, don’t worry. We’ve included a basic video to help explain how to build the car.

You also find right here on this pack website additional building instructions. If you have any questions please reach out to any of the leaders and we can help! The goal behind the derby is to foster an opportunity for parents and scouts to spend some quality time building something together and then have fun seeing it go down the track!


3. Race Details

There will be 4 race divisions this year

1.   Traditional Scout Race

2.   Siblings

3.   Alumni

4.   Outlaw


For each division cars will race 4 times, once in each lane. The cars will be electronically timed. The average time of the car’s 4 races determines its placement. We do not use elimination techniques.


See the general rules on this website for an explanation of the rules that the traditional scout race and sibling/alumni will follow.


The Outlaw division has the following rules

1.   The car must not compromise the track or impede fellow race cars.

2.   The car must operate under its own gravity-fed power. No motors, springs, etc.

3.   The outlaw car can be built however you want. There are no weight restrictions.


In addition, all cars entered in the traditional scout race will be eligible for participation in the special car awards. Once all cars are checked in, the Pack will be voting on the top cars in the following categories:


BSA Representation (Scout Theme)

Sports Theme

Best Paint Design

Most Futuristic

Most Original

Most Realistic

Fastest Looking Car

Most Patriotic

Most Unique

Best Design


4. Car Drop Off

Car drop off is occurring at the New Hope Presbyterian Church on:

Friday 1/26/2024 from 6pm - 8:30pm



1580 Kisker Rd,
St Peters, MO 63304

Please ensure the cars are as race ready as possible. Again, if you need any help, please just reach out before drop off day and we can help!


5. Race Day

Saturday 1/27/2024

Doors open: 8:30 am

Race starts: 9 am



1580 Kisker Rd,
St Peters, MO 63304

Class A uniforms


Pack 936 Pinewood Derby Rules (pdf)

Pinewood Derby Bible

History of the Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby Physics

Derby Talk Forum

Book – Pinewood Derby Speed Secrets by David Meade (ISBN-10# 0-7566-2733-8)

Book – Pinewood Derby Guidebook (ISBN-10# 0-8395-3721-2)

Past Results

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2022 Results - Re-watch the Race:

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Pack 936 Pinewood Derby Rules

General Rules

Inspection and Disputes

Sibling, Akela & Alumni Races


Derby Car Specifications

Car Dimensions and Weight

Wood, Wheels and Axles

Car Modifications Not Allowed

Tips for Building a Pinewood Derby Car

The basics

Design your car – plan your car first, build it later – You’ll be glad you did!

Buy your materials (you should be able get everything you need at a single hobby shop or online vendor)

Start Building!

Sand, prime and paint your car

While your paint is drying, you should start working on your wheels and axles

Mount your wheels and axles

Final Check-up (the night before the race)